Post Cards Vs. Ballpoint Mail

For all of 2018 we were running a MASSIVE case study with one of our clients.

He is an extremely successful real estate investor in Orlando, Fl. 

Over the course of the year he split test postcards versus our custom market mailers. 

The results were astonishing.

First the basics:

Post Cards Cost: About $0.35
BPM Pieces Cost: $1.18

He had the hypothesis that the discounted cost of post cards would enable him to contact 3x as many people resulting in more properties purchased despite the lower response rate. 

The Results:

His cost per acquisition on postcards was right around $7,000. His cost per acquisition on BPM letters was only $3,000. Over the course of 2018 he bought 35 houses off of BPM materials. 

Time and time again we find that full color letters in ink decimate the cheap or misleading competition.

While the cost per piece is higher the KPI's that matter show an increased profitability utilizing BPM.