Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, just make sure to start with the New Customer program or contact us prior to your order so we can give an accurate price for your shipping. As paper can be heavy.

Can your Robots write in other Languages? 

Yes, we can make sure your message is for your audience, contact us for more information!!

What is the order process?

Once an order is placed, a member of our team will reach out to confirm your information and to schedule your design appointment.  This short interaction ensures that we gather all the information for your custom letterhead, contact information for the prospect and return address.

Will I get to see my product before it ships?

Yes, we will generate a proof for your approval before your order is printed.

Tell me more about why you ship my product to me and not straight to the prospect.

Our pieces are high quality and personal, and a local postmark ensures that your prospects feel like someone in their community is interested in them and not someone mailing them from across the world. So all of our products are shipped to you to drop locally.

Do you offer exclusivity in markets?

We do offer the ability to lock out a market against full custom piece competitors for a fee of $50,000 with a minimum mail amount of 5,000 pieces a month. The exclusivity is good for as long as you maintain that minimum. If you drop below 5,000 for 90 days in a row the market will be reopened. 

Please note: Exclusivity for custom pieces has already been granted in Orlando Fl, Parts of Central Ohio, Indianapolis, Louisville, and Saint Louis.

Please contact us for details!

Can I change the copy of the letters?

If you're a real estate investor we have a sequence that has been tried/tested and proven over the last 3 years. You are welcome to ask for tweaks/changes. However, our sassy robots don't like to write small so we can't get too wordy!

Why don't you offer bulk/standard stamps to lower pricing?

We tested this and found it not to be worth the cost savings for our team. If you're looking for the cheapest letters we aren't going to be a good fit. If you're looking for the best results... Look no further!

Can I set up a monthly subscription?

Yes, contact us for this option. All of our products here are currently sold as one "drop". If you would like to send a certain number of pieces per month every month, just drop us a line! 

Does this really work better than printed fonts?

Have you ever had a prospect call you and boast about how they can tell you didn't actually write the letter? 

Why are you sold out?

We are a boutique marketing firm offering some of the best direct mail in the world. We often have single clients place orders for tens of thousands of pieces of mail. If you would like to be notified when a product is back in stock drop us a line!

Can I get a sample? 

We would suggest looking at our high-resolution images. This is real ink that runs thick, thin, smudges, and actually digs into the paper. You won't be disappointed.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

We have competitively priced ourselves to make our service accessible to anyone. We do not offer bulk discounts. Our competition charges $5 a letter. Starting at a buck we think we're pretty dang fair!